It started with one man, his hat, and a dream.

Sam Abrego purchased a newsboy hat in the mid 70s. Twenty years later, he gave it to his eldest son who wore it with great pride. Eventually, the hat began to show its age.

Sam was always on the lookout for a hat that could replace the old one. It finally happened when he visited his son in Kansas City in 2007.

Sam found a unique hat shop and bought several hats, including a newsboy. He reflected on his purchases and thought it was a shame that there wasn't a fine hat store like it back home. That's when he had the idea to create a store that offers quality hats and accessories.

Sam is living the American Dream. He retired from the Carpenters' Union in 2006 and had no previous business experience. With determination, support from his family and friends, and the knowledge that he gained from the Urban Hope Entrepreneur Center, he opened the store in October 2008. Hat-cetera moved to its present location in the heart of downtown Green Bay in August 2009.
109 N. Broadway
Green Bay, WI 54303
Love for Music, Passion for Hats:
An Ode to My Father

By Carina Abrego

My father is a musician and he loves his Rock 'n Roll!

When I was growing up, he sat me down for "music lessons." He played albums by his favorite artists and talked about what made a band or song special for him. Sometimes, it was the bass line. Other times, it was the timing or the message of the song.

These days, the lessons are all about hats. He tells me about how a style came to be or which hats were worn in a popular movie and by whom. Most importantly, he shares with me the characteristics that make a great quality hat. 

I am proud of my father for overcoming the odds he faced and for achieving his dream of opening a hat store. He has worked hard his entire life and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. He is an inspiration.
7828 Hwy 42
Egg Harbor, WI 54209